I'm helping super busy part-time musicians with full-time passion, make it in music. Although fame and fortune would be sweet, it's not about that. Cool Music Dad is about finding your purpose, building deep relationships through music and bringing joy to the people in your life that matter most. If you want to be the next Taylor Swift, sell millions and make enough money to buy a mansion full of monkey butlers...then this is NOT the place for you. But if you're in it for the memories, friends and family, making real fans and even a little money along the way...you're in good company.

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Here’s my story. I grew up as a drummer playing rock, blues and funk all the way through college. I played in lots of bands and tons of shows. Somewhere in there I picked up the guitar, piano and do a little bit of singing. I’m currently scratching the itch with a project I call Dance Cheetah. But my more famous-ish thing is a mustache themed comedy rap group appropriately titled The Flavor Savers. Believe it or not we’ve played some pretty big shows...opening for John Oates, playing SXSW and performing at Bonnaroo Music Festival four times in front of thousands. We also have millions of Youtube views from our ridiculous sketch videos and can safely say we’ve acquired a D (minus) list level of notoriety.

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