Ep #12: Reach new audiences through charitable music

Jesse W Johnson, Coed Pageant, Railway gamblers, The Leadfoot Band, The Heard, Indigo Sun...these are just a few of the bands that are donating music to charity and connecting with new audiences because of it.

Adam Victorn and Charlie Greengoss started a charitable organization called Vinyl For a Cause where they get awesome bands together to cover each others music and press it onto 7 inch vinyl to then promote and sell to the world...half of all proceeds go to charity!! For musicians looking for ways to connect with new audiences, this is it. Plus it's a brilliant way to do something meaningful with your music. So let’s get right to it. Enjoy!


  • About Charlie and Adam's mission to help bands do good with their music
  • Their story - BFF's from childhood - and why they chose 7" vinyl for release
  • How you can get involved as a band, graphic artist or simply support this amazing cause
  • BONUS: We start an official beef with Daryl Hall from Hall & Oates...eeks!!

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