Ep #07: Life after music, an entrepreneur's tale

Cross country tours, sold out shows and sleeping on the floors of friends’ houses. Rock 'n' roll! But what happens to the music when it’s time to leave the band and pursue the next gig in life? In this episode, we hear an incredibly passionate entrepreneur’s take on life after the band. John Zozzaro is a husband, father and musician who recently left Chicago and his full-time band to move the whole family to Austin, TX. And even though he’s no longer pursuing music full-time, it fits right in with his new passions. This is life after the music, an entrepreneur’s tale.


  • All about John's decision to leave the band and move the fam to Austin, TX.
  • What life was like for John during the rock 'n' roll years and after.
  • A little about his former band Train Company opening for Blues Traveler, Counting Crows, selling out shows at House of Blues and touring cross country.
  • John's first rock star moment.
  • A new motto we should all live by "If it doesn't make you say 'Hell Yeah' then say 'No'".
  • How 80s MTV, The Little Mermaid and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song played a role.
  • How to make holidays a family jam.
  • A little about music in Japan, what the term "multipotentialite" means, and we coin a new term "Musical Pizza"

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