Ep #06: Bathtub jams and bedtime tunes with my musical mom

What did they do without the internet, Facebook and Netflix? How could they possibly entertain themselves without binge watching 5 seasons of Breaking Bad? Well my mom and her sisters learned how to play guitar and sing harmonies together. It turns out that was a pretty fun way to pass the time and create memories with the family. Her musicality had an incredible influence in my life, I could honestly say there’s no way I would’ve started a mustache rap band and toured the country or played air guitar in Finland if it wasn’t for my extremely supportive and super creative mom. She literally found a way to bring music into every moment of our lives no matter how mundane. I hope she inspires you the way she inspires me. Enjoy!


  • How music played a role in the lives of my mom and her sisters.
  • How simply having instruments around encourages kids to experiment.
  • You'll hear the first song I ever wrote in 2nd grade.
  • Mom's DJ mix for bathtub, brushing your teeth and bedtime.
  • How 80s MTV, The Little Mermaid and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song played a role.
  • How to make holidays a family jam.

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