Ep #10: Crushing rejection & creating opportunities The Jazz Singer's way

You’re not good enough, you suck, you shouldn’t play music, leave that to the pros...etc. I think all of that is bullshit! We’re talking about how to overcome the bullshit and see the opportunities right in front of your face on this episode of the Cool Music Dad Podcast. Elaine Dame is a professional jazz singer, and she’s become a staple in the Chicago Jazz scene even performing at Jazz fest, all around Chicago and in the big clubs in New York...but that wasn’t always the case. She’s faced a lot of rejection, a lot of criticism from crappy people, fought off her own self criticism and she’s found a way to create a career full of opportunities as a professional jazz singer. Here is Elaine Dame.


  • About Elaine's inspiring journey as a professional jazz singer
  • How she learned to let negativity roll right off her back and use positivity to propel her career forward
  • How her "high life condition" (she's a practicing Buddhist) created an environment where she attracted professional opportunities
  • Why a tuxedo t-shirt is not acceptable fashion when performing jazz
  • How to overcome the "American Idol" mindset where everyone is a critic and crush daily rejection...cause it will happen
  • What's happened to the jazz scene in the past few years and how Elaine has adapted to succeed
  • Why singing is like good sex!

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