Ep #11: Lost in the modern music landscape - pt 1 - our sonic youth

Music is wonderful outlet for people of all ages, including young people. But the music industry can be a messy and dangerous place, especially for someone with only a handful of life experiences but plans to make a living from it. Today, we’re talking with Adam Mackintosh about the modern music landscape and our sonic youth. Adam is on a secret mission to help young people navigate the music industry, plus he has the rock credentials to back it up. He’s done over 6 European tours, several tours in the U.S., shared stages and recording time with Jackson Brown, Pat MacDonald, Eric McFadden...the list goes on. This is part 1 of my conversation with Adam. The second part we’ll focus more on his musical journey. Here's Adam!


  • About Adam's secret mission to help our youth navigate the music biz
  • How he's helped youth at the School of Rock as well as teaching from his own home
  • Some of the biggest music industry challenges all of us face (especially youth)
  • A few tips on having a healthy mindset and how important "not being a jerk" is in the industry
  • BONUS: Make sure you listen till the end! Adam sent out a survey to past students (some of them becoming very successful now) to get their perspective on the music industry. Super cool!

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