Ep #04: Overcoming loss and grief with sweet musical healing

Bad break ups, divorce, pain, sickness, death, grief...sometimes bad shit happens in life and we can't control it. Sometimes we just can't play the cards we're dealt because they all suck. So what do we do? I talked with my friend and guitar wizard B.J. Jaggers about all this. I hate to say he's an expert on the subject of grief, but he's dealt with lots of it in the past few years and somehow found a way to lean on music to heal himself and help others in big ways. B.J. is definitely one of my heroes and I'm proud to call him a good friend.


  • The story of a family man, nurse practitioner and incredible blues guitarist.
  • How making a personal passion like music accessible helps to validate and process how you are feeling.
  • How playing music can allow you to take a break from all those "what if" thoughts and experience what's right in front of you.
  • How getting out to perform with others can enhance your social network and help make new connections.
  • How sharing your musical gift can help heal others.

Links and Resources Mentioned:

  • North Liberty Blues & BBQ - If you live in the Iowa City area (my old stomping ground) check this event out. B.J. plays a big role and you'll probably see him rock the stage.
  • B.J. Jaggers & The Jagoffs - Looks like we still have a facebook page up from back in the day of rocking Iowa City. Best four years of our lives!
  • Beck's album Sea Change - B.J.'s go to album for lonesome times.

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