Ep #05: Will the first Flavor Saver baby break up the band?

It's either the baby or the band, your choice buddy! Just kidding...kind of. In this episode of the Cool Music Dad podcast, I talk babies and bands with my mate Ian Kibbe AKA Rodney Belaire of The Flavor Savers. When he had a baby it got me thinking...is this the end for the band? Will he be able to continue to rock awesome shows around the country given his new responsibility? Will he choose the baby or the band? Give it a listen and find out. PLUS we do some jamming at the end. Enjoy!


  • Possibly nothing...but you will probably laugh at least 3 times.
  • How Ian Kibbe aka Rodney Belaire juggles his character's sexiness with a new born baby.
  • How Ian replaced smoking with learning the guitar.
  • All about Ian's super dad powers.
  • About Ian's brand new solo DJ project he's launching.
  • You will hear a killer jam session at the end so stick through it.

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